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3D Body Sculpting: Body by Design of Tampa, Florida

With summer just around the corner, many of us are looking in the mirror and trying to figure out how in the world we’re going to get that beach body we’ve been wanting for the past (let’s be honest) decade or so. But the question may not be “how in the world,” but “where in the world?”

Welcome To 3D Body Sculpting

Dr. Robert Miles founded 3D Body Sculpting in the Tampa, Florida area to bring the secrets of extreme body makeovers, fat removal, and cosmetic surgery to the general public. Using advanced body-sculpting techniques, Dr. Miles can transform your body into the one you’ve always wanted, accentuating the areas of your body that you want people to notice and downplaying the ones you don’t.

Body Sculpting Is For Everyone

Dr. Miles specializes in body sculpting and advanced liposuction techniques, and has performed thousands of procedures relating to liposuction, body sculpting, and general cosmetic surgery in his career. He is a member of both the American Society of Liposuction Surgeons and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons, and so he is well-certified to perform any cosmetic surgery, especially liposuction.

He has also pioneered Ultra High Definition Body Liposculpture, the 3D Body Sculpting technique, which uses only local, or tumescent anesthesia. This body sculpting method lets the surgeon define and sculpt the human body, meaning that along with fat removal, Dr. Miles can give you exactly what you want: a smaller waist, a slimmer face, six-pack abs, more defined pecs, and much, much more. Dr. Miles even teaches the advanced liposuction techniques he’s spearheaded in courses accredited by the American Medical Association for level 1A physician continued medical education seminars, so you’re getting a doctor that teaches these processes to other doctors – talk about an expert!

Sculpt Any Part Of Your Body

You may be thinking back to your reflection right now, picking out the body parts where you wish Dr. Miles would perform his magic. Dr. Miles works on a large range of areas on the human body:

  • Chin: area right below the mandible (jaw bone)
  • Bra Area: under the arm in the region where the bra straps sit
  • Upper Arms: the arms above the elbow
  • Upper Abdomen: on the front, from the belly button to the bottom of the rib cage
  • Flanks (love handles): the lower abdomen around the waist to the middle of the back (waist and flanks)
    lower abdomen: on the front, the area from below the belly button to the pubic region
  • Outer Thighs (saddle bags): the upper sides of the thighs bilaterally
    inner thighs: the area between the upper legs on both sides
    knees: around the knees bilaterally


State of the Art Liposuction Technology

In addition to his state-of-the-art techniques, Dr. Miles also has the latest and safest in liposuction technology, including Vaser Lipo, Smart Lipo, and Micro-Aire or Tickle Lipo, so you know you’re getting the very best treatment. Some of these techniques even shrink the skin while breaking up and removing the unwanted fat, completely avoiding the loose, limp skin that usually occurs after such a procedure.

Dr. Miles knows how to give you the body you’ve always wanted, the body everyone will envy, so call now to schedule your body makeover!

Call Dr. Miles at 813-415-3113 to schedule your free and confidential consultation OR fill out the form below today. Dr. Miles has performed over 9,000 liposuction surgeries in the Tampa Bay area for patients world-wide.

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