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Liposuction Before and After

Dr. Miles and his 3D Body Sculpting staff have provided some of the best procedures using liposuction in the country. If you look at these before and after liposuction pictures, you will see the results are AMAZING. Dr. Miles has performed over 6,000 cosmetic surgeries and is one of the leaders in body sculpting.

Dr. Miles began cosmetic surgery in 1983 and not only helped lead the way in this exciting area, but has accredited courses that other surgeons use to get continuing education credits. His advanced techniques are among some of the most sought after.

Cosmetic surgeons looking for liposuction training can visit these pages to get more information.

Before and After Liposuction

Butt Lift via Fat Transfer
1MSa Butt 1MM Butt
Before and After Breast Rejuvenation
AB left Init Breast Aug AB left Post Breast Aug VM Breast Pre VM Breast Prost
Abdomen Liposuction Results
1 HM Side_1 1 WA Side
Back Liposuction
drl Back post DRL back
Six Pack Abs
SJ front SD l obique Gr r Oblique BC 3d template
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