What qualifies Dr. Miles to perform liposuction and what is his experience?

Dr. Miles has performed thousands of liposuction procedures. He is a member of the American Society of Liposuction Surgeons and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons.

Dr. Miles has pioneered the 3D body sculpting technique (Ultra High Definition Body Liposculpture) , this method allows the physician to sculpt and define the body giving enhanced muscle definition and contour. This procedure is done using only local anesthesia.

Dr. Robert Miles teaches his advanced liposuction techniques in courses that have been accredited by the American Medical Assiociation for level 1A physician CME’s.

What are the differences in liposuction machines?

Vaser Liposuction utilizes ultrasound energy to separate fat cells from each other. It has little effect on the surrounding tissues blood vessels, nerves or lymphatics. Thus, Vaser minimizes blood loss by not damaging the blood vessels. It allows collection of the fat cells for transfer to other areas breasts, butt, hands face, etc. The ultra sound energy causes a shrinking of the skin thus avoiding a loose deflated balloon appearance to the skin. The Vaser is known to be a very effective way of removing fat and leaving smooth results. Smart-Lipo- utilizes a laser to melt and liquify the fat. It cauterizes the small blood vessels to minimize bleeding.

Smart Lipo (laser lipo)comes in several different machines (Smart-lipo 6,15,45 multiplex , triplex etc.). The difference between the machines has to do with the power output and the number of different laser frequencies that the machine uses. Lasers vaporize or liquefy the fat. The laser energy causes a shrinking of the skin thus avoiding a loose, deflated balloon appearance to the skin.

Aqua lipo (Body Jet) utilizes water in a pulsed manner to break apart the fat. This allows collection of the fat cells for transfer to other areas: breasts, butt, hands face, etc. It has little effect on the surrounding tissue’s blood vessels, nerves or lymphatics. Thus aqua lipo minimizes blood loss by not damaging the blood vessels. The Aqua lipo has no ability to shrink the skin.

Micro-Aire / Tickle-lipo (power assisted lipo) uses vibration or mechanical energy to disrupt the fat. Fat removed may be used for transfer. The power assisted lipo has no ability to shrink the skin.

All of these methods are designed to remove fat from your body. Each of these procedures has its advantages. The main difference is the energy used to disrupt the fat cells inside the body.

Dr. Robert Miles instructs the use of all of the above methods with the exception of the Aqua-lipo. He has used each of these modalities thousands of times with excellent results.

What constitutes an area?

UPPER ABDOMEN -from the belly button to the bottom of the rib cage in the front.
LOWER ABDOMEN-on the front the area below the belly button to the pubes.
UPPER ARMS- Fat locate in the arms above the elbow
CHIN- area below the mandible (jaw bone)
FLANKS (love handles)- extend from the lower abdomen around the waist to the middle of the back (waist and flanks)
INNER THIGHS- area between the upper legs on both sides.
OUTER THIGHS (saddle bags)- Fat located on the upper sides of the thighs bilaterally
KNEES- Fat located around the knees bilaterally
BRA AREA- Fat located under the arm in the region of where the bra hits.

I have diabetes type two am I a candidate for surgery?

Most medical illnesses will not prevent you from having surgery. In many patients the removal of fat will help control the illness- for example, Hypertension, Diabetes, Elevated cholesterol and/or triglycerides, circulation problems, sleep apnea. Only in consultation can it be determined if you are healthy enough to have the surgery done. I recommend that you buy the living social offer and if you are not healthy enough for the surgery the money will be refunded.

Can the internet special promotion be used for fat transfers?

Fat transfers to enhance the bodies appearance in areas ie. butt, breasts, hands, face require that fat be harvested with liposuction from other areas. The promotion may help offset the cost of the liposuction surgery but not for the actual cost of the fat transfer.

How many pounds will I lose?

It’s more helpful to think in terms of inches rather than pounds. Let’s say you went on a strict diet and lost 3 inches around your waist. How much weight would you have to lose? 25 pounds? Maybe 30 pounds? But you didn’t just lose weight from around your waist. You also lost weight from your shoulders, thighs, buttocks, from everywhere. So you lost 30 pounds of weight from your whole body and that weight loss produced a loss of 3 inches from your waist. Now think about Liposuction. We use the Vaser to melt fat from your waist and it could also produce a 3 inch loss from your waist. BUT – we didn’t take any fat from your shoulders, thighs, buttocks or anywhere else. You still lost the 3 inches but you didn’t lose anything close to 30 pounds. Once the fat cells are removed, they do not come back. If you gain weight after liposuction, it has to go somewhere so it goes to some other areas, but not to the area where the fat has been removed.

Do all people have good skin tightening?

Skin tightening is a function of skin health, thickness, age and genetics. Young 20 year-olds with thick skin will get more tightening than a 70 year old with thin skin. People with stretch marks have less success with skin tightening than people with no stretch marks.
Can I get the 6-pack abs with the promotion?

The promotion may be used to offset the cost of the liposuction involved but the additional areas and the cost of the 3D
sculpting is extra.

How soon can I get the surgery done?

Surgeries are scheduled on a first come first served bases. Call and get your consult scheduled so you can get the surgery time that best suits you.

Call Dr. Miles to schedule your free, confidential consultation at (813) 415-3113 today or by filling out the form below.

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