Female Liposuction


Did you know that with the miracles of modern technology, there are new techniques that will make your body look great, while having little side effects?

It’s true. Here’s some of the latest developments in female cosmetic surgery:

  • Laser fat removal – A high-tech way to remove fat on your midsection, between your thighs or on your back (among other places).
  • Get the sculpted abdomen –
  • Get the hourglass figure

Have The Body You Want, Without The Risk

It used to be, to get the body you wanted, you might have had to undergo some risky cosmetic procedures that may or may not have worked. There wasn’t a way to have a breast enlargement without surgery, or to have a breast lift without implants.

Those days are now in the past. Many women receive a breast reduction and lift without any complications afterwards. And now, with laser fat removal, your body can look slim too.


Go To A Surgeon Who Knows How To Do Things Safely

Many cosmetic surgeons don’t know about the new, uncomplicated techniques to make your next procedure both safe and satisfying. Make sure you choose one who is up-to-date and practices the latest procedures, like the following:

  • Laser fat removal

If you go to a surgeon who knows how to perform these procedures, then you can probably assume that he or she is up-to-date on the latest techniques.


Go To a Surgeon You Can Trust

Lastly, make sure you go to a surgeon you can trust. When receiving procedures like a breast lift without implants, or a breast enlargement without surgery, you’ll want to be around a surgeon you’re comfortable with.

Dr. Miles has performed over 9,000 cosmetic surgeries and not only is a leader in liposuction surgery, but teaches other surgeons EXACTLY how to perform these procedures. Just review the before and after pictures below. That way you can feel confident that after your laser fat removal or breast reduction and lift, you made the right choice!


Before And After Liposuction

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