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Cosmetic Surgery Education

The cosmetic surgery sector is worth billions of dollars and is growing at an unprecedented rate. Today, there are an increasing number of people interested in turning back the hands of time and with the right procedures, subtle to complete transformations are possible. Of course, cosmetic surgery is no different from any other form of surgery, meaning the physician or surgeon must possess appropriate skill and knowledge acquired through formal education and training.

Dr. Miles teaches the advanced liposuction techniques he’s spearheaded in courses accredited by the American Medical Association for level 1A physician continued medical education seminars

Although there are multiple options specific to cosmetic surgery, we wanted to focus specifically on four topics to include the following:

For someone interested in learning more about these areas of body enhancement, the information provided will help in the process of increasing understanding so that one can know to which option he or she may be best suited and also in making sure once practitioner is properly trained to administer the desired procedure.


Cosmetic Surgery Education – Overview of Classes

For starters, we wanted to offer insight into the overview of classes in relation to cosmetic surgery education. Obviously, it takes time to develop excellent skills as a cosmetic surgeon. Someone interested in this career would need to complete introductory courses that would cover information about different techniques used for liposuction such as Power Liposuction, Laser Liposuction, and Ultrasound Liposuction. If preferred, an individual could focus on just one technique or complete training for all three.

In addition, the introductory course teaches patients about using tumescent fluids for anesthesia to ensure patients get through the procedure without pain, and offers in-depth insight into other procedures to include Autologous Fat Transfer.


Cosmetic Surgery Education – Liposuction

To perform safe and effective liposuction, an individual would be required to start training on a beginner level, followed by moving to intermediate and then advanced. Keep in mind that exact liposuction training can be somewhat unique based on the school but in most cases, the following topics would be part of the curriculum.


Basic Training

  • Choose from different types of liposuction such as Smart lipo, laser lipo, power-assisted lipo, and ultrasonic lipo
  • Use tumescent fluids for anesthetizing patients to alleviate pain


Intermediate Training

  • Work on more challenging areas of the body such as the chin, inner legs, and abdomen
  • Move into more advanced techniques to ensure each procedure is performed safely while producing outstanding results


Advanced Training

  • Perform high-definition 3D body sculpting to create curvatures for enhancing the female body or chiseled six-pack abs, triceps, and biceps for males
  • Transfer fat to the face with or without a facelift procedure or to the breast for a fuller, firmer look
  • Enhance fat transfer to fill in sunken areas of skin due to age
  • Create a more youthful appearance
  • Perform the Brazilian butt lift


Courses in detail:

Call Dr. Miles about his continuing education accredited course at (727) 443-4357 today. Dr. Miles has performed over 6,000 liposuction surgeries in the Tampa Bay area for patients world-wide. CME credit is through Center for Healthcare promotions.


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