Liposuction Surgery Process

The Liposuction Surgery Process of Cosmetic Surgery

The liposuction cosmetic surgery process is not nearly as drawn-out as some people may assume. In fact, most people will only have to undergo a few easy steps – and thanks to modern technology, cosmetic liposuction is easier than ever!

The Liposuction Process: Step By Step

The first step for liposuction is easy: you must be able to pass a full physical examination and you must also have medical clearance to get the surgery in which you are interested. This is simply to eliminate the chances of complications and ensure that the entire process will go smoothly. It’s also done to make sure that the stress of surgery won’t negatively affect your body or the healing process, so this really is preparation for every step of the liposuction process.

1. The Consultation

At your consultation, the surgeon will go over with you whether your desired surgeries can take place all in one session or if there will need to be several appointments. In the case of several sessions, your doctor will have to take into account healing time and the amount of physical activity you normally engage in, as well as other factors like your availability. Your safety will be the paramount concern of the surgeon, so you can rest easy knowing that your doctor will suggest the most appropriate and safe timeline for the liposuction process.

2. The Day Of Surgery

Once you arrive for your surgery, you will be prepared for surgery in a sterile environment in order to make sure that no outside contagions will be present during the operation. You will be administered local anesthesia or tumescent anesthesia in order to dull sensations occurring in and around the location of the incision, meaning that you will be awake during the surgery and that you will not have to be monitored by health professionals afterward.

3. Undergoing Liposuction

After this, you’re ready for the operation itself. The doctor will use a tool for liposuction – for example, Smart Lipo, Vaser, or Power-Assisted Lipo – to separate the fat cells within your body from each other, as well as the nerves, veins, arteries, and any other structure that needs to remain intact and will aid in the healing process. The surgeon will then go ahead and remove the fat.

4. Recovery After Liposuction

For a month post-surgery, you will have to wear a compression garment to shape your new figure during healing. After that, you’ll just need to attend follow-up appointments so that the surgeon can make sure that you feel and look as fabulous as you hoped.

5. Post Operative Procedures to Enhance Your Appearance and Recovery

Derm wave treatments to tighten up your skin and improve your lymphatics will keep you looking great.

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