Male Liposuction

Male Liposuction: Gynecomastia, 6 Pack Abs, Arm Lipo

Nowadays it is just as important for men to keep in shape as it is for women, and no longer are women the only gender turning to plastic surgery and other body improvement procedures to help ensure that they look good with as little effort as possible.

Male liposuction has now become a much sought after procedure yet it is not the only reconstructive surgery that men are prepared to undergo in an effort to improve their physique. When a man has additional fat around his chest – man boobs or ‘moobs’ as they have become known – this can not make them feel self conscious but also bring discomfort and a limit to the sort of wardrobe choices a man can make.

Gynecomastia: When Exercise and Medication Don’t Work

Gynecomastia treatment is solving problems for men all over the world and there are a variety of ways that the problem can be dealt with. Exercise and medication is not going to always work with this condition and there needs to be some form of surgical intervention. The two main ways to treat this condition is either by a form of mastectomy or by liposuction that will allow the removal of excess fat cells and a re-sculpturing of what is left behind.

When considering gynecomastia surgery, cost will obviously be a significant factor, however it is vital that the decision regarding where to go, is not decided solely by the price. As the condition is not life threatening, any treatment will be classed as cosmetic and will therefore need to be paid for out of pocket (as it will not be covered by medical and health insurance).


News Abs With a Male Tummy Tuck

Men are also now having tummy tucks, as there comes a time when exercise is just not going to achieve the desired results. Whether after losing excess weight as a result of general aging or a rapid transition to a healthier lifestyle, one of the best and most effective solutions in addressing this excess skin can be a tummy tuck procedure.

With a male tummy tuckor abdominoplasty as it is medically referred to – there is always the option to have liposuction at the same time so as to make sure that the best results possible are achieved. When the surgery takes place, the muscles are also tightened, meaning that the stomach is much leaner and flatter than it was before. There will be some swelling, however that will soon go down, leaving a taut and defined stomach.

Male body enhancement procedures such as a male tummy tuck and gynecomastia surgery are becoming increasingly common and getting great results for men all over the world.

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