Six Pack Abs

Males Can Have A Six Pack No Matter What

At one time, it was thought that in order to have the perfect 6 pack, a man would have to eat the perfect diet and spend a lot of time in the gym (specifically, doing lots of crunches). While this may work for men with certain body types and genetic predispositions, the reality is that this approach will not work for everyone. Now those males that have been given genetics that make achieving a six pack more difficult finally have another option available to achieve the same great results without all of the hard work for naught. Male liposuction is making it possible for men of all body types to achieve the look they’ve always dreamed of as well as rock hard six pack abs.


What To Expect With Male Liposuction

Knowing what to expect can be unnerving for men that are new to liposuction, however the process is quick and, for the most part, painless. It will give the same results in a few short of hours what would take months of hard work in the gym and optimal dieting. One of the most common concerns with this type of procedure is the fear of anesthetic, however stomach liposuction can be done without the need to be put under. There is very little pain and due to the speed of the process, minimal damage is done to the target area helping make for a speedy recovery.


Male Liposuction Recovery Process

If there are concerns about bruising then this will not be a problem as there wont be much in the first place as a result of this procedure. This is due to the fact the modern day procedures are not nearly as forceful as previous ones and when factoring in the improved training and abilities of today’s surgeons, the are the least invasive ever. There are no scars left behind at all, as the instruments used are so fine that the entry points are hardly noticeable.


Male Liposuction Gives Lasting Results

Regardless of the area that is treated – this could be the abdomen, however it is not confined to that area – the results are permanent. Once the fat cells have been removed and the body has been sculpted the fat will never return.

Age is not an issue when it comes to stomach liposuction although there may be concerns if the individual is under 18 and looking for treatment, however all final decisions should be informed and made based on input from a medical professional. Only they will be able to tell you if you are a proper candidate for such a procedure and if you stand to benefit from it. By visiting the correct clinic, six pack abs can be a reality for anyone and everyone.

Dr. Miles and his 3D Body Sculpting staff will help you get that defined, chiseled look you have been desiring. Fill out the form below to have an appointment set up or call us today 813-448-6820 to schedule your free, confidential consultation.


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