Ultimate Face Rejuvenation

This unique combination of three skin treatment modalities will work to restore softer smoother healthier skin.


Our Skin – The skin is made up of several layers. The inner most layer is a network of proteins, collagen and elastin, that give the skin its strength,face rejuvenation before elasticity and forms the foundation for the rest of the skin. The next more superficial layer is Germ-Layer where the growing of new skin cells occur. As these cells develop they flatten out and bind together forming a barrier to the outside world. The most superficial layer of skin are layers and layers of flattened skin cells that are no longer living. In our youth the skin is soft, smooth, strong, can stretch and serves as a barrier to injuries, the environment and bacteria and other illnesses that ca n harm the body


The Affect of Aging– As we age skin our skin undergoes many changes. The layer of dead cells increase in size causing the appearances of wrinkles and we loose the luster of youth and vitality. The blood supply decreases to the skin making skin growth slower. This occurs due to a decrease in the oxygenation, nutrition and moistureazation to the skin. The end result we are all to aware.


The Ultimate Face Rejuvenation– To reverse the affect of time and aging we have developed a three fold treatment regime:


Smartpeel (microdermabrasion)- The first step of the treatment starts with microdermabrasion. A hand held wand will gently delivers photo-afterstreams of tiny crystals across the face and simultaneously a vacuum removes the crystals and exfoliates the over growth of dead skin cells. This process stimulates vasodilation of the vasculature increasing the blood supply of the skin. The skin becomes smoother-less wrinkled, decreases scars and improves the over all health of the skin.


DermWave- Ultra sound in combination with muscle-stem stimulation are used in combination to deliver a medically developed vitamin and skin nutrients for the skin. This process called aquaphoresis draws the vitamins and nutrients through the superficial layer of the skin to the germ layer where new growth of the cells are occurring. The deep heating nature of the ultrasound waves causes the activation of fibroblasts that initiate the growth of new collagen and elastin. Thus allowing the skin to be more supple and have more elasticity. The facial muscle stimulation enhances the face giving a more youthful appearance.


JetPeel– The final process takes oxygen and saline in a tantalizing jet of air to treat the skin. Returning much needed oxygen and moisture to all layers of the skin.

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